Urban resiilence

Urban preparedness and city resilience: Multi-stakeholder engagement

Critical infrastructure

Critical infrastructure: Continuity and disaster preparedness

Torch relay

Olympic Torch Relay: Large-scale national security challenges

Major sporting events

Major events: Intelligence and information sharing


Critical infrastructure: Aviation hubs

7/7 bomb attacks London

London 2012: National Olympic Co-ordination

Civil disturbance

Civil disturbance: Protests, civil disobedience and riots

SCC GLOBAL is an international management consultancy that helps its clients assure themselves that they are able to prepare for and respond and recover from major threats and incidents, based around an understanding of risk, and focuses on resilience, major events and critical infrastructure. Our goal is to help you to make informed and timely business decisions that minimise your exposure to known risks and threats and help you to manage your resources proactively. In doing so, we support you in protecting and enhancing your business reputation.